How it works

Jobs for Life is a program that not only helps people get a job but prepares them to become long-term, stable employees. This is accomplished by:

• Instilling confidence
• Restoring dignity
• Showing people they have worth
• Building character
• Helping people see the value and dignity of work
• Teaching soft skills such as integrity, attitude, respect for the workplace, communication, work ethic, etc.

Jobs for Life is a global nonprofit organization that believes the Church is uniquely equipped to address the devastating effects of unemployment and poverty by helping all people experience the dignity of work. Through honest relationships, mentoring, Biblically-based training and an ongoing community of support, Jobs for Life prepares and equips students for meaningful work.

What You'll Learn

Each student at Jobs for Life is assigned a Champion who sits with them the entire eight-week session to encourage, help understand the work and required tasks, and just be a support and friend. By doing this we see a change in not only the individual but the family and, at large, the community by:

  • Gaining self-confidence
  • Creating self-worth
  • Job search techniques
  • Resume building capabilities
  • Developing interviewing skills

What's a session like...

student requirements

Students must attend class, be on time, dress appropriately, complete all homework assignments and embody the principles of Jobs for Life Training. Students cannot miss more than three classes, and missed work assignments must be completed.

Each session of Jobs for Life last eight weeks.

Our next session will be held: in late April. 
If you'd like to be part of our next class, complete our application using the Apply Now button.

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For me, Jobs for Life is confidence. Jobs for Life is hope. And Jobs for Life is value. It's an amazing opportunity to learn who you are in the Lord. To learn to present your skills and the value that you bring to employers. It's an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself.
—Aaron Warren, student
I love to teach people and build people up, so every time I leave I always feel fulfilled. I like to give my time. I can be a little self-centered at times so it helps me get an opportunity to help others out a bit. Every time I go, I am able to teach people, but I also learn a lot myself.
—Brandon Prochaska, mentor