Nikki’s Story: From Chaos to Renewed Hope

Life transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it is a journey of moments that are both challenging and beautiful. This year, we have witnessed incredible transformation in the lives of people engaged with the ministries of Flourish.

This is especially true for women living in a Flourish Coach House. Here, women find a place to call home and discover a pathway to hope, health, and self-sufficiency. Nikki is one of these ladies.

After months of dedication, she will graduate the program in December with a sense of stability that has not always been easy to find.

“My life last year was chaotic; I had just lost my job and was struggling with substance abuse. I was unstable. As part of Coach House for the past seven months, I have found a sense of independence that comes with guidance and understanding.” Nikki shared.

This Christmas season, Nikki is also preparing for a special blessing as she is pregnant and due in December with a baby boy. As she prepares for more changes, she says she is embracing a future that is filled with HOPE.

Want to know more about the Coach House Ministry? Contact Donna Roberts, program manager.


This is just one of many stories of transformation happening because of the ministries of Flourish.